Ashion® leverages pioneering clinical genomic sequencing and analysis technology developed through the research led by Drs. David Craig and John Carpten at The Translational Genomics Research Institute® (TGen®). Deploying this technology in a broader commercial context to expand the availability of these tools to help patients with cancer and other genetic diseases is Ashion’s number one priority. This technology was used in the world’s first clinical studies for personalized cancer treatment selection, and Ashion hopes to continue to partner with research collaborators for impactful clinical studies.

Research Partnerships

Ashion Analytics™ is proud to partner with Translational Genomics Research Institute® (TGen®) as its clinical sequencing provider for several important clinical studies, such as a precision medicine approach for metastatic melanoma patients, and a multicenter study to evaluate the feasibility of molecularly guided therapy in patients with relapsed or refractory childhood cancers